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PP-R Pipe Application

PPR Pipe
Due to its characters of heat-preservation, energy-saving, sound insulation and non-toxic. DSTHERMPPR pipe is widely used to install potable water pipe networks for cold and warm water.

Application Fields
As a typical construction material, PPR pipe is mainly used in the followings fields:
1.residential buildings and hotels use Potable water supply
2.residential houses use heating pipes;
3.Industry used pipe networks i.e. transport of aggressive fluids.

1.Safe and convenient connection
DSTHERM PPR pipe is more convenient and reliable due to its hot-melting connection.
2.Good chemical resistance
PPR pipe is made of polypropylene material which is resistant to corrosion and is optimal to transport potable water and other fluids of any PH values.
3.Heat-preservation and energy-saving
Its thermal conductivity is only 0.24 W/mk which is 1/200 of that of metal materials. Therefore, extra heat insulation layer is of no need.
PPR pipe can be recycled after being used for a certain time and it has a long life of at least 50 years.
5.Noise insulation
It can transport large water flow and reduce noise.
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