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PP-R Aluminum Composite Pipe

PP-R Aluminum Composite Pipe
Thanks to its anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and heat-resistance features, PP-R stable composite pipe is mainly used in hot water transportation, heat dissipation, central air-conditioning and other fields.

There is a aluminum layer inside PP-R stable composite pipe which can effectively resist to UV. Therefore, it can be installed both indoor and outdoor with an unaffected service life.
2.Low expansion coefficient
With a low expansion coefficient, PP-R stable composite pipe has a prettier appearance and will not be deformed easily.
3.Easy detection
Given to the aluminum layer inside the pipe, it can be easily detected, which guarantees the precise locating in maintenance.
Its oxygen-resistant feature protects the metal parts of the system from corrosion.

Installation Guide

1) Before starting the fusion, check if the aluminum layer has been completely removed.
2) Only use DSTHERM-original peeling tools with undamaged peeling blades. Blunt peeling blades have to be replaced with original ones. It will be necessary to make trial peeling to check the correct setting of the new blade.
3) Push the end of the PP-R stabi pipe into the guide of the peeling tool.
4) Peel the outer plastic-layer and aluminum foil. when the pipe and fitting have been pushed to the correct welding depth, the heating time starts. Then quickly remove pipe and fitting from the welding tools, join them. After the cooling period, The fittings are the same as PP-R fitting.

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