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PPR Nano-Antibacterial Pipe

PPR Antibacterial Pipe
Using Japanese antimicrobial materials, The PP-R antibacterial pipe, suitable for transporting drinking water to families and hospitals, ensures the high performance of anti-bacterium and high level of health.

Application Fields:
1.Food transportation;
2.Drinking water supply;
3.Medical products’ transportation, etc.

In wet conditions, the anti-bacterial layer inside the pipe can release Ag ion which can kill bacterium inside the pipe. This ensures the health and safety of water or other fluids inside the pipe.
2.Light weight and convenient installation
It has a quite light weight and therefore can be installed more convenient.
3.High quality
The PP-R antibacterial pipe has been certificated by FDA and EPA.
4.Long lifespan
The pipe enjoys a long service life which can reach to more than 50 years.

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