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PP-R Fiber Pipe Application

PP-R Fibre Pipe
PP-R fibre pipe can also be used in the piping system of drinking water, which is more stable than PP-R normal pipes.

Application Fields
1.Potable water supply in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.;
2.Heating pipes for residential houses;
3.Pipe networks for industry, i.e. transport of aggressive fluids.
4.The same fields as normal PP-R pipe.

1.Lower coefficient of linear expansion
The fibre layer inside the pipe gives a lower coefficient of linear expansion to the pipe which is less than 0.045mm/mk and this is similar to PP-R stable composite pipe.
2.Resistant to low temperature
It has high impact resistance in low temperature.
3.High pressure resistance
In the same condition, PP-R fibre pipe has higher pressure resistance, which is 25% higher than PP-R normal pipe.
4.Safe and reliable connection
It is connected by welding, which is safe and convenient.
5.Smooth inner surface
The inner layer of PP-R fibre pipe is pure PP-R material with smooth surface.

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